Got the bad hair day blues? Sick of waking up with your hair looking like a cross between Einstein and Edward Scissorhands? Well, help is at (ahem, excuse the pun) hand!

In fact, with the smart tactics that are described in detail below, you can banish every bad hair day and have a GREAT hair day, every day. Just keep reading to find out more.

Banish the Bad Hair Day: Stop washing it all the time.

Dirty hair feels gross, and the thought of going several days without washing your locks can seem like a long time. However, washing your hair too much strips it of its natural oils and can make it more greasy because your scalp produces more to compensate.



Also, there is some excellent grease absorbing products on the market that also make styling your locks way more manageable now, so why not go a day or two without washing and see what you think?

Banish the Bad Hair Day: Get a great stylist.

It doesn’t matter how well you treat your hair if you have a stylist that is better suited to sheep shearing than hair cutting! ┬áIn fact, finding a stylist that understands the latest hairstyles and colour trends, as well as knowing about different hair types of textures can mean the difference between being able to manage your locks, and resigning yourself to wearing a hat each day.

bad hair day

To that end, its best to ask around about good hairdressers, and if you see someone with a fantastic cut, colour, or style then why not ask them where they get their hair done?

You can expect to pay a fair price for a genuinely decent haircut and colour of course. However, just like everything else in this world, with hair, you get what you pay for.

Banish the Bad Hair Day: Choose your colour to match your skin tone.

Most people choose a hair colour by what is in fashion at the moment, but to get the best look every day, it’s vital that you match your shade with your skin tone.

bad hair day

Those with cool skins tones, the one where you can see blue veins underneath the skin, look better with cool blonde and neutrals, as well as the super fashionable greys.

Those with warmer skin tones where veins look green under the skin can get away with bolder reds and rich auburn as well as that rather fabulous rose pink tone that we are seeing on a lot of celebs these days.

Banish the Bad Hair Day: Put down the heated styling tools.

Now, I know that this tip might cause you a sharp intake of breath, and I’m not saying that you can never blow out, curl, or straighten your hair, but maybe you could give it a break once in a while?

After all, heat styling is the number one cause of split ends, which can leave your hard to manage and make it look ratty and old.



If you must heat style every day be sure to use a heat protection product, one that is activated by high temperatures as this should help mitigate some of the damage.

Also, use a repairing oil treatment once a week, as well as this, should help any damaged hair and split end lay in the correct direction and make your hair look like it’s in amazing condition every day, even if it’s not.

bad hair day


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