Is it April bonus time? If you’re in the UK and you’ve been a hardworking busy bee during the last financial year, you might just find that April brings more than a few rain showers: your paycheck might also be notably bigger than it usually is.

That’s right, we’re entering bonus season. But if you’re being given an extra wad of cash, what on earth should you do with it? Option A is: give it to us and we’ll make sure it’s well taken care of. OK, OK, fine. Option B is: use this an opportunity to give your home a well-needed boost. Here’s how.

april bonus

Use Your April Bonus to Upgrade The Essentials

We spend more time than we care to realise in our home, so why do we settle for anything less than the best? We’re all too quick to splash the cash when it comes to getting the best when we’re on holiday; let’s extend that sentiment to our humble abodes!

If your dining area is looking a little bit beaten up, invest in a high quality, modern table and make hosting big dinners fun again. In the bedroom, the Bedloves premium French flax linen bed sheet set in grey will make your night’s sleep nothing but a dream – and it’ll keep you cool for when the weather (hopefully) gets warm. Also, that couch of yours is looking a bit worse for wear…get a new one in and give yourself another reason to stay in and binge watch your favourite TV shows.

april bonus

Use Your April Bonus to Get the Garden Ready

We can’t forget that summer is just around the corner. How is your garden looking? In the UK, it’s not an area that’s always at the forefront of our mind, but this might just be year to get it right. Why? Because summer 2017 is meant to be a cracker, one of the best in years. So cancel that summer holiday abroad! You’ll be going nowhere, especially as you’ll have your well-landscaped garden – complete with a bespoke garden table and chair set – to unwind in. Now, whose turn is it to light up the BBQ?

Use Your April Bonus to Have Fun, Fun, Fun

Our homes are for resting, the fun exists…elsewhere. But who says that has to be a rule? Nobody, and certainly not us! You’ve worked hard for this bonus, so spend the cash how you like. This is no time to go all sensible on us. Did you always want to have a pool table in your garage? How about investing in a state of the art sound system? With that extra cash in your bank, you’ll be able to get the frivolous purchases you always wanted.

april bonus

Use Your April Bonus to Start Big Projects

Or, if you’ve got a big bonus, take this opportunity to finally get one of your big projects underway. Converting your attic into a bedroom, adding a conservatory, or giving your kitchen a modern look will all add value to your home – and even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, you’ll be adding additions that will make your house all the more enjoyable to be in!

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