Anthony Gregorio reached out to me on Instagram with a fascinating fashion and empowerment project aimed at changing the perceptions we may have of people… and an entire country.

In this wonderful interview you’ll hear how Anthony Gregorio went to Rwanda as a researcher and met a barman who spoke four languages and became Anthony’s guide. Angelo Igitego lived in a one room house with three walls; the fourth wall was a sheet of plastic. He was a young man who had seen too much bloodshed and trauma in the Rwandan genocide. At 26, he worked in a bar where he serendipitously met Anthony Gregorio. This meeting and what happened next has changed their lives and set them in a direction neither could have imagined.

You simply must listen to this spine-tingling interview


Anthony Gregorio and Angelo Igitego

Angelo’s son

Check Out These Amazingly Cool Bow Ties

Anthony Gregorio and Angelo Igitego

Anthony talks about how he and Angelo came to the conclusion that they should be creating ‘dapper’ bow ties from unique fabric made locally. The impact that this simple venture has had on not only Anthony Gregorio and Angelo Igitego, but the wider world, is spine-chilling. By listening to this interview you’ll hear how truly entrepreneurial Angelo is, why this fashion project is not the ‘main game’ and how a simple plan to empower a few is influencing a much greater audience for the empowerment of people of colour.

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