A chance encounter took Ant Adams down a career path of glamour, celebrity and making women look GORGEOUS.

Ant Adams loves what he does with brushes and pigment. He’s definitely an artist and human skin is his canvas. In this engaging interview, Ant shares his best skin prep and makeup tips and his favourite beauty products. You’ll learn;


  • how to apply false eyelashes
  • the best place on your body to test facial foundation (yes, it will surprise you)
  • which makeup brushes to use and how to wash them properly
  • the down-low on contouring (honestly!)
  • Ant’s fave recommendations (including one his celebrity clients MUST-HAVE)
  • the single best product all men should be using


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DIY from Ant Adams

Ant Adams provides great advice in this interview for DIY skincare and makeup application. Unless you WANT to look like you are wearing a mask, he says avoid Kim Kardashian-style contouring and opt for something more natural. We had a chat about women with ‘strong features’ which makes it easier to create a dramatic look. For women with less pronounced features, makeup helps to bring out or maximize features, such as cheekbones, where there are none naturally.

Ant also talked about the best place to test the best foundation colour for your skin; and it’s NOT the jawline. Ant’s suggestion is to wear a singlet top that exposes your shoulders – wear a jacket if you feel more comfortable – but test the colour against your shoulder skin. And he explains why in the interview.

In great detail, Ant Adams explains makeup brushes, their purpose and differences, which you’ll find fascinating. He explains the different purpose of natural bristle and manufactured bristle – for wet and dry – and the best way to clean brushes.

We discuss makeup for men, best options for male skin, and Ant’s top recommendations for products you need NOW.

It’s an engaging and factual interview so do have a listen.

Makeup Recommendations from Ant Adams

In the interview Ant mentions his FAVE primer, and other skincare, from Jane Iredale. He says her products were originally made for people who had suffered burns, so it’s therapeutic and healing properties are awesome. His top recommendation is for the Jane Iredale Primer.


Ant is loving using the new ‘Hollywood Eyes’ available from smitten.com.au. He says these products are divine to use, go on smoothly and have great staying power. So for dramatic eyes or everyday eyes, Holywood Eyes is Ant’s top pick. I think he’s a bit smitten himself. Click the image and you’ll go right to their website.


Ant says his celebrity clients are crazy for this Adelaide-based natural skincare. Founded by Janice Smith, Janesce has always been a trail-blazer years before words like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ became part of our modern lexicon. Janice Smith campaigned that what we eat reflects in our skin decades before today’s gurus.

Model Rock Lashes

Model Rock Lashes are Ant’s preferred falsies. They come in a range of amazing styles to suit any purpose. In the interview Ant explains in detail how to effectively, and easily, apply false eyelashes. He uses and recommends Model Rock Lashes. Click the image and you’ll go right to the website.

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