Angelo Igitego lives in a city with 95% unemployment and 65% of the population under 30. He is a ‘millennial’ who has survived genocide in the sub-Sahara. His story is amazing.


Here on The Style Podcast, I previously interviewed Anthony Gregorio about bringing to the world beautifully crafted bow ties. That interview was from the perspective of an American seeking to help change a third world country.

This interview is with Rwandan-born Angelo Igitego, Anthony’s business partner, and friend. Their meeting was serendipitous and their friendship inspiring. Angelo and Anthony come from completely different backgrounds. Yet they share similar values, energy, vision, and the desire to implement change.

Angelo Igitego lives in Kigali, Rwanda. He is 26 years old with a very wise head on his shoulders. If this interview doesn’t inspire and amaze you, then check your pulse.

I am so impressed with these two men and their vision. I am so humbled that they were happy to chat openly with me. I am truly blessed to be able to bring this podcast to you.



Unique. Handmade. Fair Trade. Sustainable. Contribute to the empowerment of a third world community.

What the Angelo Igitego Collection means to Kigali, Rwanda

Can you imagine growing up in a country at war? Where tens of thousands were slaughtered and poverty was rife? There were times when Angelo slept under nothing but a plastic bag, exposed to the elements – exposed to thugs. Young children grew up alone and uneducated. The circumstances of Angelo’s childhood make this story even more amazing.

In the interview, you’ll hear Angelo’s optimism, his hope for the future, his dreams for his young son. Angelo Igitego educated himself via books, radio, television, and he had people willing to help him. He now wants to help the young people of Kigali, to give them a job, to give them hope.  As Angelo say in the podcast “Nothing happens if nothing moves”.

Together with his friend, Anthony Gregorio, these two amazing men are taking steps to change the world… one bow tie at a time.

Changing the world… one bow tie at a time. Please support this amazing business.

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