Amazing garden parties are those that are memorable, fun to attend, serve great food, and to which all your friends are invited.

Summer is that amazing time of year where all you want to do is immerse yourself in your friends and enjoy the sunshine, which is what makes hosting a summer bash almost impossible to avoid.

Actually, the only thing that really tends to put a halt to this whole idea is the cost of putting one on, especially when you know just how carried away you tend to get with these sorts of dos.

amazing garden parties

Creating Amazing Garden Parties

The summer is nice, people have started to RSVP and you’re so excited that you’ve completely forgotten to keep tabs on your spending. It’s no wonder so many wannabe-tiny garden parties end up costing an arm and leg.

So, to help you out a little, and to help you host an amazing party for less, we have come up with top tips and tricks that are sure to make you – and your bank balance – smile.


amazing garden parties

The Backyard Setup

It is impossible to have amazing garden parties without having certain things, such as a barbeque grill, tables and chairs, and those kinds of things.

Of course, these all cost a lot. Like a lot. Luckily, there are some ways to get these cheap. For instance, you may have an amazing grill that hasn’t been used for years, in which case all you need is some BBQ spare parts.

As for your furniture, check out Freecycle and see what you can get for free before you decide to open your wallet.

Then just decorate them to bring them back to life a little; tea lights, paint, bunting, that sort of thing. Use throws and cushions on the ground if you don’t have a table setting.


amazing garden parties

The Food Situation

There are a few things you can do for amazing garden parties that will save you money and be acceptable. People these days are totally fine with bringing their own drinks, so don’t be afraid to ask.

You could even ask them to bring a little dish each. Of course, if you aren’t comfortable asking them to bring food, then bulk out what you are offering.

You see, meat is always expensive, so it is important you bulk out your spread with delicious but cheaper dishes.

Tasty potato salad, slaws, couscous, rice dishes, pasta, garlic bread, homemade popcorn, nuts and crisps and anything else you can think of. And get Vinomofo to deliver mixed wines direct to your door.


amazing garden parties

The Decorating Decisions

How you decorate your party space will have a huge influence over the vibe of your shindig. However, amazing garden parties often have decorations that can become expensive.

As such, it could be time to go all DIY. Paint an old bathtub or a wheelbarrow in some cool colours, fill it with ice and then chuck your drinks in there.

Turn all those old jars in your recycling bin into lanterns you can hang in the trees. Make some seriously comfy seating out of hay bales with a few colourful cushions thrown on top.

Use fruit and old terracotta pots as centrepieces on your tables. Make some cool signs, whether it be marquee style lettering or just oversized signs made out of card.

Chuck an antique-looking chandelier above the dining table. Anything is better than nothing, that is the only rule you need to follow.

amazing garden parties

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