Alexandria Blaelock blew me away in the first sentence of our interview. She’s an Author and Philosopher and, as I found out, so much more.

Her second book, Build Your Signature Wardrobe, was the topic of our conversation but from the moment Alexandria started talking I knew this was to be no ‘ordinary’ interview. Her opening sentence – the aforementioned ‘blew me away’ statement – was the start of our interesting and humorous chat about fashion history, the philosophy of dressing, and why you probably CAN wear pleated skirts.



The Strangely Interesting Line

In her book, Build Your Signature Wardrobe, and in the interview, Alexandria Blaelock discusses The Strangely Interesting Line of which I had never heard. In the interview you’ll hear Alexandria talk about the ancient Greeks and why their statues were so well proportioned. In terms of how you dress your figure, The Strangely Interesting Line will help you to balance clothing and accessories. As Alexandria says “You should dress up and down, not side to side.”

“If you don’t pursue happiness then what’s the point in being alive”

Alexandria Blaelock – your signature belongs to you

Alexandria Blaelock has very good reason for wanting to live with intention. As she says, “If you don’t pursue happiness then what’s the point in being alive”. She says rational thought about activities like getting dressed and feeding your friends can lead to the kind of pleasure that makes life worthwhile. Slow food, not fast food, is how Alexandria Blaelock likes to eat… and it’s a great analogy for how she likes to live.

In the interview Alexandria discuses many ways to live with intention and concentrate on the things in which we take pleasure. We discuss how to bring beauty into our lives and what it takes to make us happy. She also has great suggestions for how to build your signature wardrobe in four steps, planning a wardrobe for lifestyle not trends, and why kitchens should be laid out in a circle.

She’s intelligent, funny and forthright.


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