Aleen Apanian wanted to create a business that fed her soul. Using her passion for jewellery and background as a stylist, she opened ‘The Dark Horse’ with naivety and abandon.

How hard could it be to create an on-line shop that sold quality jewellery from eclectic designers at a credible price point? Aleen says she wanted to do something for herself; a one-stop jewellery shop with brands that were in different stages of their lifespan – from very new to iconic.

Her marketing strategy was to approach brands with her ‘why say no?’ philosophy and to target several brands that weren’t available in Australia at the time. Over four years, Aleen Apanian has learned a great deal about running a business… and why it can’t always be about what SHE likes.



The Dark Horse Jewellery

Aleen Apanian explains more about ‘The Dark Horse’

Aleen admits that the name of ‘The Dark Horse’ was in her mind long before she decided to start an on-line jewellery company. She gives a great explanation of where the name came from and why it really is a perfect name for her business.

Aleen Apanian also talks about the soul that runs within many Generation Y’ers, which is why she wanted to start a business that fed her soul. In terms of curating The Dark Horse, Aleen says she firstly approached brands she loved. As the business has grown she now ask customers what they want, finds new designers, and also holds feedback / promotional events on social media.

Following gut instincts and having a reliable mentor are also part of Aleen’s journey to running a successful business. She admits that sometimes the ‘I should just give up’ moments have been present.

It’s the hardest thing I have EVER done and multiply that twenty-fold. I have had times when I have wanted to give up but I guess I love it too much to do that.

If you also want to know what’s trending and what jewellery will be the ‘must-have’ next season, then you’ll enjoy this interview. Plus, Aleen gives some great advice and new ideas on cleaning and storing jewellery.

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