Adding colour is, for many people, an interior decor challenge. Some people have an innate ability to mix colours, others rely on consulting a colour wheel, and many people will hire an interior decorator.

Whether you throw bright cushions on your sofa or purchase a patterned rug for your dining room, there are stylish ways to add a splash of color to your home. Conversely, there are many ways you shouldn’t style your home, but adding colour with expert advice isn’t one of them. If your home is mostly neutral or white, interesting ways of adding colour can change the entire mood of your house almost instantly. Adding colour with accessories is a great option to stop decor boredom without having to paint the walls!

adding colour

Add An Eye-Catching Fringe

Have you ever thought about adding fringing on your sofa? This is a simple way to create a cool colour pop if you choose fringing that’s opposite on the colour wheel from the fabric on your sofa. For example, bright orange fringing on a navy blue sofa.

How about painting your skirting boards a fabulous deep green? Small areas of bright colour which border a room or furniture are a really interesting and fun way of adding colour to any room.

Make An Entrance

If you have a white room, painting the doors a bright red or blue is a different way of adding colour. Not only will this make your doors a talking point for visitors, but it’s another easy way to swap things out if you decide you want a change after a few years – instead of having to paint the whole room, you will only need to paint the door!

Another way to create an interesting door is to wallpaper it. This can be done on virtually any door with a flat area. Use the same wallpaper as the wall for a sliding door. Or wallpaper the inside square or rectangular panels of relief door, and paint the rest.

Rescue Boring Bookshelves

Buying a new and luxury apartment, such as the ones built by Meriton, is great but you will likely want to add your own touch to it when you move in. Make your shelving a statement piece by adding colour with paint, or, if you have library-like shelving in a little nook, add a patterned wallpaper to the wall behind.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

If you have high and lofty ceilings which don’t give a sense of coziness, create a statement pattern and stencil it up above. This will bring the roof down to a more comfortable level and will deter from feeling like you are in an echoey and cold room.

And you know ceilings don’t have to be white, right? Black or deep purple will create a dramatic and moody ambience to bring intimacy into a room. Or go for something bright – yellow, red, blue, or green – to create the desired vibe for predominantly warm or cool decor.

adding colour

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Choose Unexpected Colours

How about opting for a black or blue sink in the kitchen, rather than a white or metal one? By choosing the unexpected you are choosing to up your design game, and also adding colour where you wouldn’t usually find it.

Trim The Curtains

Do you have your eye on some gorgeous curtain material but can’t afford to drape them from ceiling to floor? Add them as a clever trim to classic and neutral curtain material to incorporate something different into your room. You could choose anything from Grecian blue patterns to florals or hot-pink! Whatever takes your fancy!

Look To Lighting

Try adding colour by incorporating unconventional fixtures for tapware and lighting. There are other fixture colours to choose from than just brass and silver. But if you can’t find one that suits your style, simply paint it!

If you opt for fresh pastels, you will create an airy feel in the room. Strong coloured tapware in the kitchen or bathroom will create and eclectic and fun feel. Hall lanterns and pendants are a great place to do this, as ceilings are often high in stairwells – give your guests and family something to look up at as they ascend to the bathroom or to bed!

Adding colour needn’t be arduous and doesn’t have to mean everything is ablaze in red and orange. Colour can also be subtle and it’s always fun.

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