When you add atmosphere to a room you are adding structure, personality and often a sense of uniqueness. And as the most used space, your living room can have additional atmosphere with 5 simple ideas.

It surrounds us all the time so why would you want to add atmosphere…. and what does that really mean anyway? OK, when it comes to your home, there are always going to be rooms that are your absolute fave. For some, it will be the kitchen, where you cook and enjoy meals with your family and friends.

For others, it will be the bathroom, because you get to pamper yourself and relax. But then, there’s always the living space. And this is often a huge favorite space for many people.

Because not only is this the space that you tend to spend the most time in, it’s also where you get to relax and unwind in at the end of a busy day. So if your living room is feeling a little stale, you’ll be pleased to know you can add atmosphere this weekend.

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#1 Add Atmosphere by… Working With Color

One of the best ways that you can ever look to create the right atmosphere at home, is to work with color.

Because colors have the power to enhance a space and create the right mood. When you want to go with a really calming space, then pale blues and greens can often achieve this.

But if you want to create warmth, then you’ll find reds and oranges are the way to go.

Either way, your color choice can really work to make sure you’ve got your atmosphere off to the right start.

add atmosphere

#2 Add Atmosphere by… Increasing The Heat

Next, think about the air flow and temperature in the room.

Because a cold space never really creates any kind of atmosphere apart from a harsh and unwelcoming one! So do some research on ultimatefires.com.au today and other similar sites to find out your options.

With a fireplace, not only have you got the heat you need, but the flames will always add to the atmosphere.

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#3 Add Atmosphere by… Playing Around With Lighting

Another key influential part of your interiors when it comes to atmosphere is your lighting. Again, you can really change the feel of a room with the lighting you use.

Ideally, you’re going to want to create mood lighting as you can see on easy-lightbulbs.com now, along with other sites.

By using warmer bulbs and the right wattage, you can make sure that you enhance the atmosphere, and not take away from it.

For a huge range of designer and other lighting try Go-Lights.

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#4 Add Atmosphere by… Working In Texture

One of the most fun, and often challenging, aspects of interior design in playing with textures and textiles. When your furniture is quite cold and modular, you can really change all of that by dressing up the space with the right fabrics.

From wool and faux fur to linen and cotton, you’ll be able to create a comforting and cozy spot with the right fabrics. Plus, you can change cushions and throws to suit theseasonn… and the temperature.

For lost of different textiles and homewares try Temple and Webster or Pottery Barn.

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#5 Add Atmosphere by… Setting The Scene

Finally, bring the entire look together and set the scene. Three of the best ways to do this involve candles, scents, and sounds.

Candles always create a calming mood, and scents and sounds can often make your body relax. Then, you’ll find that the atmosphere in your living space is always enhanced.

For beautiful scented candles try Circa Home.

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