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Across the globe there are creative people doing exciting things in Fashion. Beauty. Home. Instagram is a visual feast of what’s hot, who’s chic, where to get it and how to style it. The Style Podcast is Audio Instagram.


We uncover the stories, and the people, behind brands that are doing cool things. New brands. Iconic brands. Style leaders. Trend forecasters. And we bring them together so you can listen, watch, and download.


The Style Podcast is the first Fashion. Beauty. Lifestyle podcast where you can listen AND see images at the same time. AND you can download all the interviews so you don’t miss a thing. Now featured on iTunes. SoundCloud. Top 50 App, Stitcher. YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram and right here on the interactive The Style Podcast website.


NEW to The Style Podcast in 2017 is The Useful Blog which offers even more expert advice, great ideas, and design inspiration.

Stylish Accessories for the Fashionably Professional

Stylish accessories abound as there is now more choice than ever from jewellery and accessories designers across the world. But if you have a limited budget, what are the best stylish accessories you should be buying? Just because you’re in an office everyday, doesn't...

Revealing Report on The Future of Australian Health

In many ways, our Australian health is in pretty good shape given our outdoor lifestyles and availability of fresh foods and water. But is it all good? The Australian health report provides reflective information. This is something we tend to do in all aspects of our...

7 Things To Consider Before Building Your Own Home

If you’re thinking about starting the incredible journey into building your own home, you need to ensure you’ve thought about absolutely every single eventuality before you get started. When it comes to building your own home it’s easy to get carried away with all the...

Building A Healthier Lifestyle, Starting NOW

Could you use a healthier lifestyle? Are you lacking in energy and the vitality you need to get to enjoy your life more? Most people need a healthier lifestyle that can propel them forward. This is how. A common goal among most people these days is to build a...

Tips For Staying Organised When Travelling Away From Home

Staying organised at home is very different from staying organised when you travel. When you're away from the familiarity and routine of home, stay on top of things with a few simple tips. There may be many different reasons why you’re going to be away from home...

Beauty Foods: What You Need To Eat For Beauty From Within

These beauty foods should be added to your shopping list right away. You'll notice an increased level of health and a glow of beauty that is coming from within. You will have no doubt heard the saying ‘Beauty comes from within’. This saying commonly refers to your...

Kitchen Improvements That Are Quick And Easy

Kitchen improvements can be very expensive or... they can be quick and easy. If you have a need to make some kitchen improvements that are budget-friendly and easy to achieve, then you'll find some great tips here. A change of season is the perfect time to make...

Get A Dream Garden With Three Simple Tips

A dream garden is a priority for many home lovers. However, gardening is not for everyone. Yet most people do want to have an exterior that looks amazing. How can you do this without spending hours constantly planting, weeding and watering? We’re glad you asked...

Get A Cozy Home With Four Easy Ideas

We all love a cozy home. Settling down under warm blankets with our feet in fluffy slippers exudes comfort. Everyone loves having a lovely sense of warmth and embracing love. And if you’ve got your interior design just right, those cozy home moods and feelings will...

When You’ve Partied Too Hard The Night Before

When you've partied too hard, the morning after the night before is often not a pretty one.If you have to go to work, or just get through the day, these great tips will help. There is nothing worse... that moment when you can feel your hangover starting to kick in....

Home Meditation And Creating A Calm Mindful Space

Home meditation and active mindfulness has been a growing trend over the past few years.So how can you create a calm, meaningful and mindful space in your own home? In today's busy, permanently connected world, burnout, anxiety, overwork and stress are rife. In...

Garden Love. How To Create A Lovely Outdoor Space

Garden love comes in many different forms. From a lovingly grown vertical garden on a balcony to a prestigious open space, there are three key factors that contribute to garden love. Is your garden a part of your home that you want to make lovely again? It might be...

Summer Gardens. Are You Making The Most of Yours?

Summer gardens make your heart sing and are relaxing and aromatic places to be. So how does your garden shape up in the summer season? Enjoying summer gardens, summer weather, making plans - just getting out and doing things. We’re not really thinking about planning,...

Why You Should Be Wary of the Sedentary Lifestyle

For many of us, modern leaving means a more sedentary lifestyle. And that's not the healthiest. Here's why... and how to change it. It’s easy to fall into the trap that we’re superior in virtually all ways to our ancestors. We’ve got all the information that they had...

Design Bedroom Tips for the Fashion Enthusiast

As every fashionista knows, the magic doesn’t happen in the store; it happens in the bedroom. Buy all the trends you can.Yet if you truly want to be fashionable and love how you look, you need to throw the trend book out the window. Because it is your creativity and...

The Style Podcast Manifesto

The Style Podcast is an innovation in radio-style interviews, visual presentation, and information brought to you by the creative and talented team at The Style Podcast. Hosted by Penelope Herbert, a Style Editor. Radio Broadcaster. Marketer. Journalist. with a passion for Fashion. Beauty. Lifestyle

Hear and share the fascinating stories, and people, that populate vibrant businesses involved in everything from fashion, accessories and designing to building, interiors, art, and invention. Penelope is a seasoned journalist and interviewer who is also a marketer and avid lover of all things Fashion. Beauty. Lifestyle.


The Style Podcast features interviews from across the globe that you can listen to Anywhere. Anytime.


If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone else to be featured on The Style Podcast, please use the ‘Interview Request‘ form.


Interviews are by invitation only… but if we don’t know about you, how can we invite you?

Penelope Herbert


Style Editor, Podcast Host, Champagne Drinker I’m the nosy journalist who loves asking questions. From the age of three I explored the world around me talking to the people I’d meet. While my parents and sister were unloading suitcases from the car, having arrived at our holiday destination, I’d disappear. Not so much a cunning plan to get out of lifting heavy suitcases but a reconnaissance. I’d return some time later with information about all the other people in the vicinity – fellow holiday makers and local residents. This seemingly natural talent was surpassed only by my passion for moving pictures.

My parents bought a television only so I didn’t grow up across the road, watching the television of neighbours. True story. So upon leaving school, I trained as a Film Editor spending ten years in the film industry. My love of writing was always evident, as was my obsession with fashion and passion for architecture, design, and interiors.

So I became a writer and print + digital magazine interviewer in business and lifestyle. I was Editorial Director for a national fashion and lifestyle magazine followed by seven years as Contributing Editor to a business magazine and two years as Managing Editor of a suite of on-line fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Interviewing rock stars, shoe, handbag and accessories designers, makeup artists, skin care developers, wine makers, chefs, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, interior designers, landscape architects, recycling gurus, health + fitness experts, stylists, and more allowed the nosy journalist in me to be paid for asking questions – something I’d done my whole life.

I currently write a weekly Home + Interiors newspaper column for the Weekender Herald and am a ‘thought leader’ blogger for Australia’s largest gift and homewares exhibition, Reed Gift Fairs.

Now I’ve taken those loves to digital. I recently spent ten months as Producer and Presenter of a weekly radio show on Fashion + Home, and I’m Style Editor of an on-line Fashion + Home magazine, Don’t Call Me Penny. Styling Your Home… your way. Don’t Call Me Penny also offers home styling and decluttering services.

The Style Podcast gives me much more flexibility and a global reach whereby you can listen anytime to experts in their field talk about their life, their loves, style + design trends, and they’ll provide you with new tips and great advice.

Mark Higham

Designer, Marketer, Chief Tea Maker Well, Mark hails from Manchester in the UK so of course he likes tea… loves tea. He also likes fast cars, great design, creative marketing and a few beers..in no particular order.

Mark is also the Big Cheese at Stretch Creative – and at 6′ 4″ you can see why he’s called ‘Stretch’. He’s amazing – he’s one of The Style Podcast team.


Tim Wallington

Web Developer, Audio Engineer, Tea Drinker Tim hails from a different part of the UK than Mark but he still loves his tea. Must be a British thing.

Tim creates amazing stuff ‘in the back-end’, works with Mark at Stretch Creative and knows code like his own Mother. He loves watches and creating music in his home studio. He’s even recorded an album. He’s talented – he’s one of The Style Podcast team.


Felicity Darling

Producer, Fashionista, Bourbon drinker Flick, as she is known, is from Auckland, New Zealand, where she worked in television production whilst creating a limited edition range of warrior garden gnomes. Jumping the ditch, Flick travelled around Australia for two years ‘job hopping’ and having a right old time. We think she’s settled down… a little bit. She’s a dag – she’s one of The Style Podcast team.


Eloise Barker

Foodie, Stylist, Wine Drinker Eloise loves to ride motorbikes, cook, style food and drink wine.. not usually at the same time. Whether its quick & easy meals or dinner parties that take days, Eloise loves getting ‘stuck in’. She organises guests, quizzes them on all things ‘edible’ (& drinkable) & then writes articles for Don’t Call Me Penny, our sister site. She’s a fabulous foodie – she’s one of The Style Podcast team.


Shelby Doogue

Street Style Guru, Fashion Writer, Martini Drinker  Shelby is a street-style chick. Her keen eye for fashion and the international trends seen on the streets of the world’s capital cities is what fuels her. She’s dynamic and out-of-the-box. Always connected to her camera, Shelby snaps images that inspire her, inspire us and she writes about her street style experience. She’s stylish – she’s one of The Style Podcast team.

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