No golfer will turn down an offer to play. However, without the right golf clothing, your game will suffer. So what style are you?

So, you want to match the likes of Serena Williams? You need the right golf clothing. If you have never played golf before, you are probably wondering what the proper golf wear for women is.

Here are a few tips to help you get to the golf course in the right gear.

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 Women’s Golf Clothing Rules

You won’t pop in a golf course in denim shorts and a tank top and expect that you will be allowed to play. You will experience various golf rules depending on the golf clubs you visit. Most golf clubs follow a particular dress code that all the members must honor.

Most premium golf courses, especially those with a high exclusivity, have stricter rules and policies on the right golf clothing. Thus, before going for a golf game anywhere, you should know the recommended golf clothing for women in that club. 

Women’s Golf Attire – Tips that Work

Your clothing on the golf course is dictated mostly by where you are playing. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right golf clothing for women and perfect your game.

  1. Tops

Crew-neck tops, turtlenecks, and polo-style shirts are the most recommended tops for women. Drawstrings, strapless tops, and standard t-shirts are not advisable for golf. You can also opt for traditional khakis if that is the style you fancy. 

  1. Bottoms

What you choose as the bottom for your golf attire determines your comfort and flexibility while on the course. Most women consider skorts, shorts, and slacks to complement their golf shirts. Avoid clothing such as athletic pants, sweatpants, and jeans as the bottoms; they are not allowed on the golf course.

  1. Dresses

If you are a fan of dresses, it is okay to have them on the golf course. If you are aspiring for that feminine and chic look, dresses are the perfect deal. 

Make sure that your choice of dress adheres to the rules and recommended length. Also, avoid sundresses or similar outfits as these got banned on most golf courses.

  1. Accessories 

Every woman loves stylish accessories – that’s a fact, but you need to be careful when choosing your golf accessories. Visors and hats are the most common types of accessories for any woman golfer. All you need is to select your favorite print and color, and you are off to go!

Choosing the right belt, shoes, or headcover can give your right golf clothing some pop of color. Nevertheless, your accessories shouldn’t affect your game negatively. Go for ones that help achieve a stylish look while remaining comfortable and flexible to make outstanding swings!

If you have always wanted to play golf, you must know the importance of the right golf clothing. No matter how much you love your workout jeans, leggings, or even tank tops, these are not for the golf course, so you must get the right attire. Besides looking stylish, the proper golf attire should allow you much flexibility and comfort while at the golf course.

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