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Angelo Igitego Collection : Rising from the Ashes

Angelo Igitego lives in a city with 95% unemployment and 65% of the population under 30. He is a 'millennial' who has survived genocide in the sub-Sahara. His story is amazing. Listen to the podcast now.
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Alyse Santry : Colour Creative Hairstyles

Alyse Santry knows that no colours are off-limits when it comes to hair. With artistic intentions and a colour wheel, Senior Stylist and Colour Expert Alyse, shares top colour trends for the new season. Be very surprised! It's the season for butter blonde, hidden...
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SS16 Hairstyles, Tips + Tricks : Rocking What You Have

SS16 Hairstyles, tricks and tips from Senior Stylist at Kinky Curly Straight, Cherie Falco. Beautiful ideas for special occasion 'dos' you can style at home, plus new cuts for summer. Yes, it's Spring Racing Carnival season, with Thanksgiving, school & work...
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Chanelle Louise : Cilk Rose Water

Cilk Rose Water is the extraordinary new product so unique it has its own retail category. Chanelle Louise had her life as a Hedge Fund Manager in London irreversibly changed after a catastrophic single event. Returning to Australia, Chanelle Louise had a life that...
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Carolyn Whitford : Baz Inc Australian Made Fashion

Carolyn Whitford is the dynamic force behind Sydney-based fashion label, Baz Inc. It's effortless elegance for women on the go has me HOOKED. Many fashion designers say they design for busy women but Carolyn Whitford has built Baz Inc. on this very solid philosophy....
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Catherine Cervasio : AromaBaby Skincare With Neonatal Research

Catherine Cervasio is a businesswoman and aromatherapist who has channeled her skills and loves into a unique global brand, and the only Australian brand of its type to be retailed in China. Over two decades, Catherine has developed personal care products with a focus...
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Contessa Volpi : Emerging Italian Swimwear

Contessa Volpi is a desirable and emerging swimwear brand designed by Italian fashion designer, Enrica Volpi. It's Italian, with an Australian twist. From the moment I saw the new collection from Contessa Volpi I knew I wanted to have a chat with the designer, Enrica...
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Maury Filosano : Recycling, But Not As You Know It

Maury Filosano lived in many countries where she saw how much people valued their possessions. Upon returning to live in the USA, she was struck by the disposable nature of American living. It was fascinating talking with Maury. Her background in bio-tech and...
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Rosemary Marchese : The Fit Busy Mum

She's the fit busy mum who gained her personal training qualifications when she was just 15 years old. Rosemary Marchese's life has been crammed with fitness, tennis, physiotherapy, pilates, creating workout program for institutes that qualify personal trainers,...
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Aleen Apanian : The Dark Horse

Aleen Apanian wanted to create a business that fed her soul. Using her passion for jewellery and background as a stylist, she opened 'The Dark Horse' with naivety and abandon. How hard could it be to create an on-line shop that sold quality jewellery from eclectic...
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Mat Dusting : How Derelict Became Desirable

Mat Dusting had left his job in design and was spending time at his family's farm in the West Country of the UK. He wasn't sure what he was going to do... until...   As an avid ski and snow board fan, Mat Dusting was sick of his equipment bags becoming torn...
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Michelle Perkins : Probiotic Solutions

If you think Probiotic Solutions is something you drink to neutralize your gut, then your only half right. It is probiotic and it is a solution, but you don't drink it; you clean with it. Probiotic Solutions is a new Australian product that uses bacteria to clean your...
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Jacynth Bassett : Style Over 40

Interviewing Jacynth Bassett was a little surprising. I wasn't expecting a 24 year old entrepreneur to be so passionate about style and fashion for women over forty. Most young women Jacynth's age are more interested in fashion for themselves than fashion for older...
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Alexandria Blaelock : Fashion + Philosophy

Alexandria Blaelock blew me away in the first sentence of our interview. She's an Author and Philosopher and, as I found out, so much more. Her second book, Build Your Signature Wardrobe, was the topic of our conversation but from the moment Alexandria started talking...
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Anthony Gregorio : Empowerment Through Fashion

Anthony Gregorio reached out to me on Instagram with a fascinating fashion and empowerment project aimed at changing the perceptions we may have of people... and an entire country. In this wonderful interview you'll hear how Anthony Gregorio went to Rwanda as a...
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Edwina Walsh : Bamboo Monkey

After a covetable career in the fashion industry, it took one trip to Bangladesh for Edwina Walsh to turn her back on high-profile brands and a job she had loved. Having worked for brands including Adele Palmer, Jag, Maggie Shepard, Target and Myer, Edwina Walsh was...

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