Gemma Saccasan : ‘Twist of Glamour’ for MBFWA

Gemma Saccasan has just graduated from Raffles College of Design and Commerce and launched her first fashion collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016. The Gemma Saccasan brand is elegance and beauty with a twist of glamour. But what makes Gemma even...
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Alexandria Blaelock : Fashion + Philosophy

Alexandria Blaelock blew me away in the first sentence of our interview. She’s an Author and Philosopher and, as I found out, so much more. Her second book, Build Your Signature Wardrobe, was the topic of our conversation but from the moment Alexandria started...
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Maria Nicola: The 10-Way Necklace

Maria Nicola spent 20 years designing and selling jewellery before she literally ‘had a dream’ that changed the way she thought about accessories; and it will change your thinking too. Designing and sourcing jewellery to sell in her retail stores was how...
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Kate Dillon : She Lion Designer

Most women love a good handbag.. or five or ten. But have you ever thought about how your handbag reflects on your career as a corproate high flyer? There are certain jobs for which a certain image is paramount – Lawyers, for example. As a corporate lawyer, Kate...
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Cherie Falco : Award-Winning Hair Stylist

Cherie Falco is an award-winning senior stylist at Australian Salon of The Year 2015, Kinky Curly Straight. Cherie says hairdressers have so much knowledge about hair, colour, cuts and products that their clients should pick their brains. In this interview, Cherie...
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Edwina Walsh : Bamboo Monkey

After a covetable career in the fashion industry, it took one trip to Bangladesh for Edwina Walsh to turn her back on high-profile brands and a job she had loved. Having worked for brands including Adele Palmer, Jag, Maggie Shepard, Target and Myer, Edwina Walsh was...

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