Maria Nicola: The 10-Way Necklace

Maria Nicola spent 20 years designing and selling jewellery before she literally ‘had a dream’ that changed the way she thought about accessories; and it will change your thinking too. Designing and sourcing jewellery to sell in her retail stores was how...
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Cherie Falco : Award-Winning Hair Stylist

Cherie Falco is an award-winning senior stylist at Australian Salon of The Year 2015, Kinky Curly Straight. Cherie says hairdressers have so much knowledge about hair, colour, cuts and products that their clients should pick their brains. In this interview, Cherie...
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Aleen Apanian : The Dark Horse

Aleen Apanian wanted to create a business that fed her soul. Using her passion for jewellery and background as a stylist, she opened ‘The Dark Horse’ with naivety and abandon. How hard could it be to create an on-line shop that sold quality jewellery from...
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Darren Palmer: Don’t Plan, Just Embrace

Darren Palmer toyed with being an Architect, studied graphic design, opened his own business.. and then became an Interior Designer after an encounter in the Hamptons.   If life is a journey not a destination then Darren Palmer is the poster boy for not making...
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Kate Dillon : She Lion Designer

Most women love a good handbag.. or five or ten. But have you ever thought about how your handbag reflects on your career as a corproate high flyer? There are certain jobs for which a certain image is paramount – Lawyers, for example. As a corporate lawyer, Kate...
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Edwina Walsh : Bamboo Monkey

After a covetable career in the fashion industry, it took one trip to Bangladesh for Edwina Walsh to turn her back on high-profile brands and a job she had loved. Having worked for brands including Adele Palmer, Jag, Maggie Shepard, Target and Myer, Edwina Walsh was...

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Lucie Doughty: Celebrity Hair Stylist

Lucie Doughty has styled the celebrity tresses of Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron, Ellen Degeneres and many more.

As a child, Lucie loved going to her Mother’s hairdressing salon and seeing the happy and delighted clients. In this interview, you’ll hear Lucie Doughty explain why she became a hairdresser and how she came to be Global Editorial Director for the iconic Paul Mitchell brand.

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