Contessa Volpi : Emerging Italian Swimwear

Contessa Volpi is a desirable and emerging swimwear brand designed by Italian fashion designer, Enrica Volpi. It’s Italian, with an Australian twist. From the moment I saw the new collection from Contessa Volpi I knew I wanted to have a chat with the designer,...
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Alyse Santry : Colour Creative Hairstyles

Alyse Santry knows that no colours are off-limits when it comes to hair. With artistic intentions and a colour wheel, Senior Stylist and Colour Expert Alyse, shares top colour trends for the new season. Be very surprised! It’s the season for butter blonde,...
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Tyler Tolman : Virtuous Fasting + Healthy Detox

Tyler Tolman grew up with a neurosurgeon Father who actively studied ancient civilisations and their secrets to health and longevity. Tyler is now teaching what HE has discovered and helping people to lead healthier, fitter, more productive lives… for longer. I...
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Lorraine Lock : The Design Residency

Lorraine Lock is one of Australia’s most innovative and influential Fashion and Public Relations icons working today. As a co-founder of Australia Fashion Week and The Design Residency, Lorraine talks about what it takes to be in public relations, how to...
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Carolyn Whitford : Baz Inc Australian Made Fashion

Carolyn Whitford is the dynamic force behind Sydney-based fashion label, Baz Inc. It’s effortless elegance for women on the go has me HOOKED. Many fashion designers say they design for busy women but Carolyn Whitford has built Baz Inc. on this very solid...
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Edwina Walsh : Bamboo Monkey

After a covetable career in the fashion industry, it took one trip to Bangladesh for Edwina Walsh to turn her back on high-profile brands and a job she had loved. Having worked for brands including Adele Palmer, Jag, Maggie Shepard, Target and Myer, Edwina Walsh was...

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